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How To Choose The Best Moving Company

The moving business has its share of unethical companies that can make you fall into traps. Most of these consumers who experience these unethical incidents regarding the moving of their households do not perform thorough background checking of those companies. You need to make a wide selection of the, moving company that you will hire to trust your belongings with. The following tips will help you while choosing the best moving company.

Ensure that the moving company has been operational for last 5-10 years.Avoid hiring a moving broker.Avoid accepting estimation over phone calls.

  • Make frequent visits to ensure what kind of individuals is involved in the business.
  • Ensure that their trucks and other vehicles that they use presently suitable markings as necessary by the state and federal law.
  • Make frequent checking on their ICC number in comparison to the records in FMCSA.
  • Ensure checking of the moving companies with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Most of the moving companies will provide you with offers regarding storage facilities wherein you can store your items unless your house is ready for the process of moving in. The moving companies that hold the belongings of the consumers for ransom have been included in the documentation and are enforced by the FMCSA are now being enforced by the law.

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