Points To Remember While Recording A Video

video-production211Are you a video freak? Do you like recording your thoughts? And do you want to communicate with people through videos and you don’t know how to do? This article helps you find solution to all these questions. Follow the following steps and make your video an amazing one

  1. Select a Well-Lighted Place-

MikeInterviewDon’t you want to look good on camera? You obviously want to. In fact, you want to look better on a camera! For this, you will have to shot yourself in an area where there is enough light. It is neither fancy nor difficult thing to make you look good on camera. Face outside the window in your house or office; place the laptop in an area that can properly record your face. A brightly-lit or a lamp pointing at your face will work the trick.

Always remember to keep the light in front of you, not behind you.

  1. Record with a Laptop

ME1-and-D7000-rep-image.thumbNow camera is the main of everything. What if you do not have a good camera? For this, it is recommended to use laptops for recording. The laptop already has a good inbuilt camera. You do not have to worry about using a tripod. It becomes easy to review each clip right away. It cuts down the editing time as importing is effortless. It is better to keep your laptop at a height because a laptop placed on a desk gives you the most flattering angle. If it is placed in height, it will record you more clearly.

  1. Record the Video

Now record the video. Memorize the lines properly and read it aloud a number of times as if you are explaining to a friend. Record one line a number of times and do not worry you can edit the unrequired ones later.

To make your recordings sound more natural, look into the camera for one second before and after every line. This will help to edit to get the lines together and keep a proper flow in the video.

  1. Extra Footage


Get extra or additional footage to explain your points. You can download the related images of the topic of your recording you can click it with your camera and can use it while you are recording. This will make your recording more clear to the viewers. This additional footage can be in two forms- one that you actually record to show something related to your topic or it can be still imaged. Take for examples you making a video on nail art, what you do is actually nail art your fingers and show that to people in this video. And in other cases, you just use still images that follow up your video.

    1. Edit the Shots Together-

As mentioned above, you sometimes record practically what your topic demands. Suppose, you prepare a hair pack for women so practically you prepare that pack so that it becomes easier for the viewers to understand. Now simultaneously to have to read the lines related to it. So what to edit all the sections of recording together and then sequentially present it.

This is how a home video is made as effective as professional. Video promotion can be both homemade and professional made.

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